Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.01 - Why do you pay for opinions?

    Because companies want to know what you think before they invest millions in a new product or change existing products. They have more confidence with their decisions when they have received feedback from customers.

  • Q.02 - How do I get $300?

    You really can't control the amount offered for each survey. This is set by our client. The higher paid surveys involve more time commitment or higher-level occupations. For example, surgeons or presidents of very large companies would be offered more than a retired person or a truck driver. This is simply a factor of supply and demand. There are fewer surgeons than truck drivers, and more retired people than presidents. Higher sums of money are also offered for 1 and 2 full-day projects.

  • Q.03 - How old do I have to be?

    You must be over 18 to register.

  • Q.04 - Can I do surveys online?

    Not with our company. Our research generally requires you to come to a nearby office location, to see, feel, hear, taste, or discuss a product or service. So, we typically pay more than on-line surveys. Also, participants usually find our research quite interesting and fun.

  • Q.05 - Why do I have to come in to do the survey?

    Because our surveys are in-depth, and often require touching or tasting products, and discussing your thoughts about them in either a group setting or personal interview.

  • Q.06 - Where do I have to go?

    We typically hold the research within 10 miles of your home. The research is held in specially appointed research facilities, hotels, or meeting centers. Directions and local contact information will be provided.

  • Q.07 - Why do you ask about my work information?

    Because many of our research projects are targeted at business and medical professionals and their decision making roles in the companies they work.

  • Q.08 - Why do you ask about health information?

    Drug companies are constantly working to cure diseases and reduce suffering. Knowing this information about you helps us put you in front of the companies that can help. And they want to learn more about what your needs are.

  • Q.09 - Do I have to sign up my children?

    No, but we recommend that you do. We frequently do research regarding parents of children of all ages: babies through teens. If we are aware that you have a child of the right age for a study, we will be more likely to call you. In addition to participation as parents, children as young as 6 are eligible to participate in paid research projects, though never without mom or dad's permission, of course!

  • Q.10 - Do you share or sell this information to others?

    Never. We use it only to determine how often we can contact you for particular research projects. Visit this link to learn more about your rights as a survey participant. Respondent Bill of Rights

  • Q.11 - Will I receive junk mail?

    No. You will receive invitations from us for upcoming paid research sessions. These invitations may ask you to call our toll-free number to see if you qualify, or to fill out a brief web survey that pre-qualifies you for a particular project.

  • Q.12 - Will you try to sell me anything?

    A marketing research company will never try to sell you anything. It is against the Marketing Research Code of Ethics. If you are ever asked to purchase a product, then you are not dealing with a market research company. For more information, visit this link about the difference between surveys and sales. Telemarketing versus market research

  • Q.13 - How can I be sure I receive email announcements about paid research opportunities?

    If you are selected for an upcoming project we will send an email to the address listing. If you don't receive our emails you can make sure it is not blocked by a spam filter using this reference document. Our mail generally comes from or How to set up an email White List